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CONSAG is positioned always as a Partner for its Clients, providing outsourcing services in the areas of financial accounting and management, taxes and reporting, financial and organizational consulting and development of corporate recovery and leveraging projects, providing all services for the active Management support and decision-making processes.

We develop a positive communication with the Companies and People based on ethics, efficiency, knowledge and accuracy.

We seek an effective performance though the best operational practices, whilst stimulating the quality and dynamics of processes, the permanent assessment of risks as well as the Success alternatives.

We are focused on Customization
and Reliability of our services.


The management control system is a fundamental tool for assessing and evaluating the performance of the Managers and the Success of the Organizations.

  • Assessment and compliance of the strategic vision performance
  • Diagnosis of operating systems and analysis of needs
  • Implementation of management models, budget control and prospective financial reporting
  • Measurement, monitoring, assessment and corporate performance management


An effective and objective reporting model, deriving from the use of proper accounting systems focused on Management support, is paramount for controlling the Organizations' performance.

Assessment of goals achieved, of results and budget execution allows to evaluate and analyse the performance indicators and determine any possible adjustment measures required.

  • Assessment and identification of reporting headings
  • Harmonization of the accounting information with the business critical information
  • Construction and implementation of the reporting model
  • Monitoring of financial or management information
  • Support in the selection of the tools that best fit the needs of an organization in terms of business intelligence processes


Accounting is an essential tool for assessing the activity, both overall and by segment, of the Companies, allowing not only compliance with the legal and tax obligations but basically creating a safe platform for providing and enhancing Management autonomy, reflecting the general condition of the Organizations.

  • Management General and Analytical Accounting
  • Budget control and financial analysis
  • Accounting performance and/or supervision
  • Generation of financial statements and attachments


The Companies' taxes management is constantly challenged by new demands that require an improvement and the continuous assessment of solutions that leverage the Organizations' competitiveness.

  • Analysis and assessment of tax frameworks
  • Revision of tax strategies
  • Optimization of tax solutions
  • Support in compliance with tax obligations
  • Preparation and validation of the tax file


The consolidation of accounts process appears as a need for producing global financial information from a Corporate Group. Within this scope, the expertise and technical aptitude are fundamental for, in a true and proper manner, generating Consolidated Financial Statement that show the consolidated result of the Group's operations.

  • Assessment of specific requirements for account consolidation
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Generation of the Consolidation File


The support processes for Human Resources management, namely salary handling and the different social obligations require high levels of efficiency, control, updating and expertise. Outsourcing of these services allows companies to be focused in their core activities.

  • Recruitment and rescission process management
  • Evaluation and qualification of functions
  • Salary handling and fulfilment of social obligations
  • Preparation and/or supervision of mandatory statements


Outsourcing of administrative activities, with a reduced added value, namely, filing of documents and files, documental management of administrative processes and distribution of mails, helps maximizing efficiency of the Companies' structures and contributes for maintaining or enhancing the dynamic of the Organizations.

  • Customer support services
  • Reception and Handling of Mails
  • Documental de-materialization


Management support additional services, namely daily relations with official bodies, reply to surveys and mandatory statistics and tax representation of expatriates can be addressed and ensured by experts, following a complete outsourcing approach and granting a higher level of reliability to the processes.

  • Reply to mandatory surveys from Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE)
  • Reply to surveys from Banco de Portugal (BdP)
  • Reply to surveys from the Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos (GEE)
  • Application to any Incentive Schemes (QREN)
  • Tax representation for expatriates and double-taxation agreements
  • Start Up's (support in the creation, implementation and production of reports for Management)


The current knowledge of the Companies Value and the study and dynamization of the necessary sustained measures for a possible corporate restructuring are fundamental, namely for the decision-making process related to strategic investment, mergers and acquisitions, realignment of the corporate structure and promotion of Mission, Image and Future of the Companies.

  • Creation and Assessment of Business Plans
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Consultancy in defining the Companies' governance model
  • Optimization of the financing structure

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